Common Questions and Concerns

Nelson’s mechanical and electrical engineers are experienced in evaluating building systems that have sustained damage from a variety of perils.  Hurricanes and strong storms can cause utility outages and voltage transients; and lightning strikes can wreak havoc on electrical distribution systems and end use devices. Additionally, water intrusion and flooding can compromise mechanical and electrical components and systems in ways that are not readily apparent. Some of the most common mechanical and electrical assignments received by Nelson revolve around these issues:

  • How to differentiate between long-term environmental exposure and storm-related distress?
  • How do building codes address solutions for remediation?
  • How does water intrusion affect wet location vs. dry location rated equipment, and how do scopes for remediation differ between the two?
  • What are the effects of utility outages, transient over-voltages, and grid failures on mechanical and electrical components and systems?
  • Can electrical equipment subjected to storm-related water intrusion be repaired, or is replacement always required?

Nelson’s professionals have the tools, training, experience, and expertise to assist its clients in providing unbiased solutions to their important questions.  Nelson works with facility owners and managers, contractors, and insurers to provide reliable and practical scopes for proper remediation of damage. Nelson is experienced in the evaluation of mechanical and electrical components and systems for commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, institutional, residential, and hospitality applications.  Nelson Forensics stands ready to assist with evaluations of storm-damaged building equipment!

Nelson Licensed MEP Professionals
Jamie Milks
Greg Schober 
Laura Schulte 
David Dukich