Evidence Storage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Physical evidence often provides a crucial link in determining the cause of a failure or in proving the existence of a defect. Whether through exposure to the elements, carelessness, or malice; forensic evidence is easily spoiled if not properly preserved.

Nelson’s secure and monitored evidence storage facility is located within the restricted-access campus of the Nelson Discovery Laboratory in Hebron, Texas; only a few miles from Nelson’s corporate headquarters.

The fully-enclosed building includes both unobstructed floor space and tiered rack storage; and its private, climate-controlled examination rooms are well equipped for careful evidence viewing and handling. Items of varying shapes, weights, and sizes – from gadgets of a few ounces to gizmos of a few tons – safely rest in Nelson’s care. Rest assured in the integrity of your evidence by entrusting its documentation, transportation, organization, storage, and protection to Nelson’s team of experts and its dedicated evidence storage facility.