The Nelson Discovery Laboratory (NDL) remains open and continues to provide building material and component testing services to our clients nationwide!

NDL offers state-of-the-art testing for evaluation of building envelopes and components, which often plays a pivotal role in the investigation of suspected damage and defects. NDL offers building envelope water infiltration testing, infrared imaging, roof sample testing, ground-penetrating radar testing, and aerial drone reconnaissance and photography. Further, customized tests can be designed and carried out to resolve questions of fact.

Water infiltration testing helps to determine the origin and cause of water intrusion into buildings. Infrared imaging aids in evaluating exterior wall and roof systems, and can also be used in investigations of electrical connections or equipment failures. Roof sample testing allows for detailed evaluation of roof materials, including for determination of impact damage, such as from hail. Ground-penetrating radar testing is used to evaluate concrete paving, structural members, and slabs to non-destructively determine the configuration of embedded reinforcement and evaluate the potential for subsurface voids. Drone technology allows NDL to evaluate large sites and otherwise inaccessible areas, including steep/high roofs, partially collapsed structures, and high-rise building envelopes.

Uniquely developed in conjunction with an evidence storage facility and an EF-5 rated tornado shelter, NDL is further utilized as a teaching facility for both clients and employees.

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