NELSON is a leading FORENSICS and CONSULTING group specializing in Forensic Engineering & Forensic Architecture, Fire Investigation, Chemistry & Environmental Science, Cost Estimating & Appraisal, and Roofing Materials Testing. Our mission is to reduce risk and prevent failure by combining ethical standards with advanced technologies in an effort to discover cause of failure and to educate our clients and peers on our findings.

NELSON’s professional team of experts is available for on-site investigations; expert witness; litigation and subrogation resource and support; and consulting services.

In The Spotlight: Jamie F. Milks, P.E.

Focus on Expertise

Jamie F. Milks, P.E.
Project Director
Jamie F. Milks, P.E. is an electrical engineer specializing in power equipment failure assessment, design analysis, and evaluation. His areas of expertise include electric power generation, transmission, and distribution systems; as well as electric system design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Jamie is licensed to investigate residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems in Texas and surrounding states.