NELSON’s expertise in cost estimation and cost analysis includes both new construction as well as restoration costs to repair residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial buildings and structures affected by various Common Perils®. However, it is NELSON’s ability to prepare accurate, detailed cost estimates within the specified recommendations of our trained forensic professionals that sets us apart.

Our expert cost estimators work hand-in-hand with NELSON’s professional team to provide critical cost information and analysis that enables adjusters, attorneys, and owners to make sound decisions. NELSON is available for expert witness and litigation resource services in support of insurance claims, subrogation, and construction defect claims.

Cost Estimating and Appraisal services include:

  • Independent insurance appraisal and umpiring
  • Cost estimation and analysis of complex, unique, or disputed projects involving multiple structures and perils
  • Evaluation of estimating methodology, scope of work, quantity take-offs, and unit costs
  • Calculation of lost profits damages
  • Valuation of recoverable damages in subrogation
  • Replacement cost and depreciation analysis
  • Conceptual and hard bid estimating
  • Projected cost escalations and contingencies